Co-creation, innovation and when you should get your customers involved – Interview with Prof. Jan van den Ende

Today’s interview is with Professor Jan van den Ende, who is Professor of Management of Technology and Innovation at RSM (Rotterdam School of Management), Erasmus University, Rotterdam. Jan joins me today to talk about a research paper that he and some colleagues recently published and how ignoring customers’ opinions can lead to more successful products. […]

Improving the customer journey: The importance of customer service KPIs and metrics

This is a guest post that has been written by Debbie Fletcher on behalf of Nanorep. Mapping the customer journey – understanding the touchpoints that clients have with a business as they move through the buying process – has become one of the most important parts of understanding the interaction between businesses and consumers. When […]

How doing less is delivering more for this business, it’s employees and it’s customers

We now live in an always on, always connected, 24/7/365 world. And, to compete in such a world, a company needs to have a real-time omni-channel presence, where it constantly monitors, matches and meets the ever changing needs of it’s customers. Right? Well, that seems to be the prevailing wisdom. But, isn’t there a problem […]

How looking for ‘messy bathrooms’ can help deliver a great customer experience

Imagine you go to a restaurant and the food and the service is great but then you go to the bathroom and it’s a mess. Does the cleanliness of the bathroom affect your perception of the overall experience? It probably does. Will it also have an impact on your propensity to recommend or return to […]

How to Wow: 68 Effortless Ways to Make Every Customer Experience Amazing

Today, I’m very excited to announce that I’ve got a book coming out called: How to Wow: 68 Effortless Ways to Make Every Customer Experience Amazing. Here’s what you need to know: The book will be released on April 11th but is available to pre-order now ( Published by Pearson, the book builds on and […]

What it takes to build an award winning and customer centric culture – Interview with Fiona McSwein of Simply Business

Today’s interview is with Fiona McSwein, Chief Customer Officer at Simply Business, the UK’s favourite business insurance broker. They’ve just been awarded first place in The Sunday Times’ 100 Best Small Companies to Work For list (mid-sized category) this year. They are also a Sunday Times Tech Track 100 company and were recently named in […]

The pre-life, early life and in-life stages of the employee experience – Interview with Jo Taylor

Today’s interview is with Jo Taylor, former Director of Talent Management at Talk Talk, a provider of pay TV, telecoms, internet access mobile services to businesses and consumers in the UK. Jo joins me today to talk about what it takes to build a dynamic, responsive and evolving culture. This interview follows on from my […]

Not having contracts equalises our relationship with our customers – Interview with John Marick of Consumer Cellular

#77931835 / Today’s interview is with John Marick, the co-founder and CEO of Consumer Cellular, a fast-growing and awarding winning provider of cell (mobile) phones and services in the US. John joins me today to talk about his company, why they are growing so fast, what rules they are breaking and what they are […]

Outstanding brands become part of their customers story – Interview with Bernadette Jiwa

Today’s interview is with Bernadette Jiwa, two time author of #1 Amazon Bestsellers, who agreed to talk to me about her new book (already a #1 Amazon Bestseller): The Fortune Cookie Principle: The 20 keys to a great brand story and why your business needs one. This interview follows on from my recent interview: Employee […]