customer relationships

October 8, 2012

Build relationships with your customers that matter – Interview with Chris Brogan on The Impact Equation

Following on from my recent interview, Social customer service can make your business more customer focused – Interview with Joshua March, Conversocial, today I am very, […]
August 19, 2011

Brand extension or extension of trust?

photo credit: birgerking Over the summer, I’ve seen a few things that have got me to thinking about businesses, their brands, relationships with existing and new […]
March 2, 2011

What kind of customer loyalty and retention programmes can small and medium sized businesses easily implement?

A few days ago I saw a question on What kind of loyalty programs can small and medium sized businesses easily implement? After seeing the […]
November 19, 2010

Build authority and trust with your customers by talking about your industry ‘Warts and all’

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘Warts and all’? What it means is: ‘Tell me everything and don’t leave out the less appealing bits’. The origin […]