Digital Marketing

October 3, 2023
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When we talk about attention, we’re actually talking about engagement – Interview with Walter Flaat of dentsu Canada

Today’s interview is with Walter Flaat, dentsu Canada’s Chief Data Officer. We talk about a new whitepaper that they’ve just published on the Attention Economy, what […]
November 17, 2017
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Beyond digital and what many CMOs should be considering putting into their 2018 strategic plan

Last year I wrote a piece called 3 Customer Groups That Are Being Overlooked In The Customer Experience Whirlwind. In it I ventured that there were […]
October 23, 2017

The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing – Interview with Tom Fishburne

Today’s interview is with Tom Fishburne, the Founder & CEO of Marketoonist, a cartoon studio focused on content marketing. He’s also a very popular cartoon blogger […]
June 12, 2017

Learn from brands using behavioral science when designing your B2B UX

This is a guest post from Matt Brown, senior director of digital marketing at Walker Sands Digital, a digital marketing services agency that is part of […]