Business development

December 6, 2023
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Personalization is pervasive but it’s not personal – Interview with Shafqat Islam

Today’s interview is with Shafqat Islam, Chief Marketing Officer at Optimizely, a digital experience platform software as a service provider. Shafqat joins me today to talk […]
November 3, 2023
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How the world is reacting to AI use in customer service

This is a guest post from Janine Hunt, Client Partnership Director at customer service outsourcer Kura. Data shows that 35% of businesses have adopted using AI […]
October 20, 2023
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The five barriers to digital transformation and a roadmap to overcome them – Interview with David Rogers

Today’s interview is with David Rogers, who is the world’s leading expert on digital transformation, a member of the faculty at Columbia Business School, and the […]
October 12, 2023
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Brands don’t need more feedback or survey data to better understand their customers – Interview with Nate Sanders of Artifact

Today’s interview is with Nate Sanders, the co-founder and CEO of Artifact, the customer experience forecasting company. Nate joins me today to talk about the recent […]