February 20, 2017

Using AI and EQ to build emotional connections with customers at scale – Interview with Joshua Feast of Cogito

Today’s interview is with Joshua Feast, who is the co-founder and CEO of MIT-spinoff Cogito Corp., that has developed artificial intelligence (AI) technology that delivers real-time […]
March 5, 2016

What’s your approach to your queuing experience?

Queues and their management are a perennial problem for businesses. They’re not much liked by customers either. However, aims and initiatives to try and make them […]
June 12, 2015

Are you married to your customer, or did you just have a one night stand?

Talking with a customer experience leader at a high-tech manufacturing firm the other day, we got to talking about how they often find it difficult to […]
April 13, 2012

The emotional component of customer experience: the next competitive battleground – Interview with Qaalfa Dibeehi of Beyond Philosophy

Following hot on the heels from, Great customer service and customer experience requires emotional intelligence – Interview with Jo Causon of The Institute of Customer Service, […]