improving customer service

December 6, 2013

Removing the ‘friction’ from the last mile of customer service – Interview with Yuval Brisker of TOA Technologies

Today’s interview is with Yuval Brisker, the co-founder of TOA Technologies, which was picked in October 2013 as ‘A Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for […]
October 8, 2013

The quality of customer service, customer experience and office design – is there a connection?

Here’s some insights and research that I’d like you to consider: One, the world is full of different types of people, both introverts and extroverts. According […]
August 20, 2013

Customer and employee engagement and Managing By Wandering Around (MBWA)

I was recently contacted by Matt Tenney about whether I would be willing to conduct an email interview for his blog and, perhaps, for use in […]
March 5, 2013

Customer service and customer loyalty can be improved by using decision science – Interview with Phil Barden

Today’s interview is with Phil Barden, MD of decode marketing ltd and author of ‘Decoded. The Science Behind Why We Buy’ and follows on from my […]