business process improvement

January 25, 2016

Did the hardest part of customer service just get easier? – Interview with Michael Schneider of Service

Today’s interview is with Michael Schneider who is the founder & CEO of Los Angeles-based Service (, which is providing “on demand customer service” – this […]
December 1, 2013

Real life lessons on how to build a social business – Interview with Bian Salins

Today’s interview is with Bian Salins, Head of Social at Now TV, BSkyB. I was introduced to Bian by Martin Hill-Wilson who suggested I should talk […]
August 30, 2013

The 9 ½ Principles of Innovative Customer Service – Interview with Chip Bell

Today’s interview is with Chip Bell, a renowned consultant, trainer and speaker to many of the most innovative brands in the world. He is also the […]
August 14, 2012

#PositivelySocial and why customer service in social media is a failure – Interview with Frank Eliason

Following on from my recent interview, Employee engagement is not something that is done to employees – Interview with Kevin Kruse, today I’m very excited to […]