February 11, 2019
doctor time

A story about how a successful outcome doesn’t guarantee a positive patient experience

The following is a story that was recounted to me by a friend, let’s call her Jasmine, about a recent visit to a local hospital. Jasmine […]
February 8, 2019

What more empathy in business and artificial intelligence (AI) will look like – Interview with Minter Dial

Today’s interview is with Minter Dial, keynote speaker and consultant on branding, new tech and digital transformation for blue chip companies, conferences and events around the […]
August 24, 2015

Empathy: The new way to connect with your customers

Over the past 15 years, digital marketing has exploded. With the expansion of social media, many businesses have had to change the way they interact and […]
July 8, 2013

Use Empathy, We’re Customers Too

This is a guest post. In a March 3rd post (Are you listening to your customers but not really listening?), Adrian writes that we may be […]