Behavioural insights and what is really going on in the minds of your customers – Interview with Dr. Simon Moore of Innovationbubble

Today’s interview is with Dr. Simon Moore (BSc, PhD, CPsychol), a Chartered business and consumer psychologist who specialises in uncovering emotional and personality influences on behaviour. He is also Management Director of Innovationbubble, a new type of insights agency that, using psychological insights and methodologies, investigates the real reasons that customers behave the way that […]

Recapturing personalized customer interaction in the age of ecommerce

This is a guest post from David Stephenson, Chief Data Officer at DSI Analytics. In days long-past, when a store manager understood and interacted individually with each customer, the manager had a fantastic capability to understand and to help each customer.  In our age of ecommerce, with millions of digital customers, recent technology developments have […]

Improving the customer journey: The importance of customer service KPIs and metrics

This is a guest post that has been written by Debbie Fletcher on behalf of Nanorep. Mapping the customer journey – understanding the touchpoints that clients have with a business as they move through the buying process – has become one of the most important parts of understanding the interaction between businesses and consumers. When […]

Utilising data to improve customer retention rates

This is a guest post from Clare Mylan, Head of Sales at marketing services agency, Gecko. Data has always been a vital aspect of marketing and lead generation, but too often the use of data is limited to securing a solitary sale, rather than being nurtured and analysed to deliver repeat business. Most organisations can […]

How Chief Customer Officers build their organisations customer growth engine – Interview with Jeanne Bliss of CustomerBliss

Today’s interview is with Jeanne Bliss, who is the Founder and President of CustomerBliss, and the Co-Founder of The Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA). Jeanne joins me today to talk about her new book: Chief Customer Officer 2.0: How to Build Your Customer-Driven Growth Engine. This interview follows on from my recent interview – The […]

Most websites fail to facilitate the customer journey – Interview with Mark Lancaster of SDL

Today’s interview is with Mark Lancaster, who is CEO of SDL, who provide technology and services to optimize the global customer experience for clients all over the world, including 42 of the top 50 global brands. Mark joins me today to talk about the challenges of delivering a global customer experience and what it takes […]

By understanding their customer journey, Tesco’s iphone app will help them win more customers

I was watching the TV the other day and saw the following ad from Tesco’s. It’s part of a series of ads that follow the shopping and life adventures of a fictitious family. Most of the time I end up heading for the kitchen to fix a bite to eat or a drink or something […]

Make it easy for your customers to give feedback or offer suggestions

This is something that I saw when Hana and I were out shopping the other day for food. Now, I applaud the different efforts companies make to engage and garner feedback from their customers……. but, for me, there was something wrong with this picture. Here’s what I thought: It’s a customer suggestion box in plain […]

Deliver a customer experience that matches your customers journey

When I was a child, if we wanted to buy something new then we would: Go shopping down the local high street and ask the shop-keepers for advice; Speak to a door-to-door salesman; We would look in one of the catalogues that my Mum used to get; or We would ask family and friends. Back […]