4 Quotes to inspire consistency in customer experience

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This is a guest post from Divya Bhat, content strategist at CloudCherry.

When it comes to Customer Experience, there’s usually a lot of talk around understanding customers, exceeding expectations, winning over their loyalty and so on. Such talk gets brands excited but the problem is that the excitement is short lived. The initial fervor to delivering outstanding customer experiences dies off which means companies slide back into what they were doing before. In other words, there’s a lack of consistency in delivering great customer experiences. It’s about grinding it out day in and day out, always placing the customer in front of you, and not everyone is willing or has the mindset to do that!

So, we are going to be doing our best to up your consistency levels with the following quotes.

1. Eat, Sleep, Delight. Repeat!

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Why are some brands more successful than others? They do the small things right with consistently. Over time, the sum of the everyday minimalistic efforts bear fruition as customers become hardcore fans and are willing to stay both in the good times and the bad.

2. Consistency Helps Build A Reputation
Millard Drexler QuoteAt the end of the day, if you want your brand to be recognized worldwide, you need to have a reputation, or should I say ‘earn’ one. And reputations aren’t earned by delighting a customer on a fine day. You need to show intent and back it with action for every single customer. You will have to do things differently in comparison to your competitors and stay at it to form into a cult brand.

3. Become The BEST Of The BEST

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Unflinching customer loyalty doesn’t happen overnight. The race to the top has only gotten harder over the years, so even one momentary slip comes at a huge cost. Even the big brands like Apple know for a fact that if they aren’t consistent, competitors are ready to surge past and gladly take the lead!

4. Consistency Is Inspired From The Top

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It might be an easy word to throw about, but consistency is hard to implement, let alone perfect. For this, you require a motivated top management to inspire employees to bring their A game to work every single day.


This is a guest post from Divya Bhat, content strategist at CloudCherry.

Divya BhatBio: Divya Bhat is a content strategist at CloudCherry, French translator, former bulletin producer, loves volunteering for the greater good and a customer experience enthusiast.




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