Sponsored Video: A great example of how to build affinity with your customers

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 Note: This post has been sponsored by Zurich, but all narrative and opinion is my own.

Today I want to share with you a corporate video that stood out for me. It’s less than 4 mins long so do take a moment to watch it.

Watch it? I did and I really liked it.


Because it’s not about products or services or any special offers or schemes or any other thing.

It’s about people. Specifically, it’s about Jasvir and Blanca, and their lives, their stories, building a life together and the things they care about. It’s about love too.

The reason that it stood out for me and why I think it works is, I believe, because it’s not about Zurich, who made it (in association with The Guardian), but it’s about Jasvir and Blanca and the life they are building together.

It’s also about me and the similarity of my journey.

But, more broadly, it’s also about the lives of lots of their other customers that are like Jasvir and Blanca, can see themselves going through the same journey or have already made a similar journey.

It’s about building affinity with your customers. It’s about showing that you understand. It’s about them and it’s about making your customers the heroes of your story.

I think it’s very good and many businesses could learn a lot from this approach.

What do you think?

Note: This post has been sponsored by Zurich, but all narrative and opinion is my own.

Photo Credit: © 2006-2013 Pink Sherbet Photography via Compfight cc


  1. Adrian,

    Thanks for sharing that video. I’m seeing more and more videos like this… an attempt by companies to humanize their brands. Interesting… the hard part is to back that up with reality.

    Annette :-)

  2. Interesting Adrian, particularly for an financial services company (not an industry known for its customer-centricity).

    What intrigues me is not the ad, more the why. Why have they decided to take such a different path?


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