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I made a new book.

It’s called Punk CX.

You can learn more about the genesis of the idea here.

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It’s very different from any other business book, particularly those written about customer experience and customer service.

It’s looks a bit like a comic or a music fanzine.

It’s been a lot of fun to write and produce.

And, it’s now live.

I think you might like it.


Do grab a copy. It’s available here:

Paperback (https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/1095272012/) and on the

Kindle store (https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07RYXS5YN/).

If you are outside the UK then you can find it by searching for Punk CX on Amazon’s .com .de .fr. .es .it and .jp  sites.

Do let me know what you think of it when you receive it (You can do that here).

Do share the love and put a review on Amazon.

Do share the news about the book with your friends and colleagues.

Do let me know if you like it that much that you would like to chat about a bulk order or a workshop (Again, you can contact me here or email me directly at adrian@adrianswinscoe.com).

But, finally…

Do stay tuned (you can do that via my Punk CX newsletter, if you like).

As I have mentioned here before and repeat in the book, whilst the book is meant to be part fanzine and part manifesto……it is also an invitation…… an invitation to become more punk in our thinking about how we approach and deliver a better and stand-out customer experience.

After all, isn’t that what we are all wanting to achieve?



Just to top things off here’s what a few lovely folks have said about Punk CX:

“I hated prog rock. No soul. Adrian thinks CX has been high jacked by a similar wasted effort. I’d agree we need to connect more than conceive as far as customer experience is concerned. Or miss the point entirely. Punk CX does the job of jarring us back to our senses.”
– Martin Hill-Wilson – Deadhead CX Strategist

“Be courageous. Be political. Be you. In Punk CX, Adrian Swinscoe makes the point superbly, marrying form and function effing well.”
– Minter Dial, speaker, award-winning filmmaker and author of Futureproof and Heartificial Empathy

“At SimplyBusiness we’ve never been scared to go our our own way and it’s worked for us. In Reboot, I advocated for a different type of business given the challenges that we now face in our society. With Punk CX, Adrian turns up the volume and has produced not only a manifesto for real change but also a manual that will help you really stand out amongst your peers…..only if you are brave enough to step up.”
– Jason Stockwood, Vice Chair – Simply Business

“If you’re looking for the usual style of business book, this is not it! Honestly, that’s a good thing. There are times when people need something pithier and perhaps a little more in-your-face to make them stand up and take notice. This book is just that. Adrian asks the tough questions in a no-bullshit kind of way that slaps you upside the head and begs the question, “Seriously, what are you really doing about the customer experience?”
– Annette Franz, Founder and CEO of CX Journey Inc

“One look at this book and you know you’re in for an experience. It’s stylish, important, convenient, brave, funny, loud and fun. Not what you would expect from a business book about customer experience! Loved it!”
– Shep Hyken, customer service/experience expert and New York Times bestselling author

“In Punk CX, Adrian Swinscoe eschews fussy frameworks and meticulous metrics in favour of a back-to-basics approach that will appeal to all readers, regardless of whether they are already managing a customer experience programme or starting out in the world of CX. This is Swinscoe’s manifesto to prevent customer experience management from disappearing up its own backside. So never mind the bollocks, read Punk CX for a short, sharp, shot of customer experience advice.”
– Neil Davey, Managing Editor, MyCustomer.com

“In his new book, Adrian Swinscoe takes a deeply humanistic and thoughtfully critical look at the discipline of Customer Experience.  His writing urges us to think of customers as people first and only then consider technology, methodology, process, and all the trendy and increasingly meaningless CX and UX jargon and clichés.  Adrian’s latest work is f’ing brilliant and I am jealous that I did not come up with such a novel idea and fun and engaging execution. I will be re-reading it for some time to come.”
– Alexander Genov, Head of Customer Research, Zappos

“Practical tips, inspiring insights and interviews with a simple message: Humans First. Make sure people know they matter. Cx=Ex”
– Carrie Duarte, Workforce of the Future Leader at PwC

“Adrian Swinscoe delivers with Punk CX. He strips down customer experience to its essence. Just as punk music was about keeping it honest, this book will force you to rethink how you view your customer’s experience. It is a bold statement, a call to action, and a must read.”
– Stan Phelps, Founder of PurpleGoldfish.com, Author of the Goldfish Series

“A beautifully designed book, full of fresh and provocative ideas to challenge your thinking”
– Richard Shotton, Head of Behavioural Science at MG OMD and author of The Choice Factory.

“Customer centricity is a mentality, not a metric, and Punk CX nails it.”
– Nick Francis, Co-founder & CEO at Help Scout





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