I'm a regular keynote speaker around the world on customer service, customer and employee experience and all related areas. The talks I deliver draw on themes contained in my three books and I’ve spoken at leading industry conferences, many in-company and customer events as well as senior leadership gatherings.   
"Today was great.Thank you for such a great presentation. We've just spent the afternoon saying how great it was" - CEO, Retail Energy Company
"Engaging and provided a refreshingly alternative perspective on client engagement" - Senior Executive, Pension Fund
"Your session was simply outstanding, it was a real pleasure to meet you and hear your insights" - Divisional Director - Financial Services

Whether it is for a customer event, an industry conference or a private dinner, I always work with my clients to ensure that each presentation is fresh and customised with insights specific to the industry concerned and the audience.

As a researcher and explorer of the service and experience space I’ve been asked to speak on a number of different topics.

Here’s a list of my most recent and in demand speaking topics:

What would a punk rock version of CX look and feel like? The CX space is becoming a lot like prog rock in the 1970s overly technical, too elaborate and complicated, inwardly focused, a little exclusive and in danger of disappearing up it’s own a***. Punk rock exploded out of the back of prog rock with it’s democratic, diy, back to basics and all heart and energy approach that inspired both a cultural and musical movement and a mindset. It dared to be different and was OK with the fact that not everyone liked that. This keynote explores what a punk rock version of CX would look and feel and what brands and organisations can do to embrace their inner punk.

How To Wow - Key Insights to Help You Deliver An Amazing Customer Experience Delivering a world-class customer experience is an essential element to any strong and growing business. Drawing on insights from my best-selling book, How To Wow, this keynote will share a number of market leading case studies, provide an overview of the key challenges and success factors and help identify key areas where businesses should invest if they are to deliver their own market-beating customer experience.

Humans vs. Machines: The Critical Balance Between Digital CX Solutions and the Human Touch Increased attention on CX has lead to companies investing heavily in technology and digital transformation initiatives. But, customers continue to place a high value on human interaction, according to research. So, is there a disconnect between what customers want and what companies are delivering? This keynote explores the idea that when companies default to digital or technology-only solutions for their CX challenges, they risk driving a wedge between them and their customers. It goes on to explore what the key risks are, what organisations should do about this challenge and how they can get started striking the right balance between technology and the human touch in their customer experience.

Getting Personalisation Right - Nobody Likes A Creep When it comes to delivering a competitive and compelling customer experience, almost every major brand is doing their utmost to deliver a more personalised customer experience to their customers. But, research shows that many are getting it wrong and they know it. Personalisation isn’t about what technology will allow you to do, it’s about choices, context and understanding the customer as a whole person and not just as an account or ‘wallet’. To get personalisation right, brands have work to do and this keynote highlights what leading brands are doing to get it right by blending their use of tech, data, analytics, insights and journey management.

How The Emerging Workforce Ecosystem Will Impact Customer Experience Employee experience is increasingly seen as an important driver and enabler of great customer experience i.e. CX = f(EX). However, new research shows that this picture is becoming complicated by the emergence of a new workforce ecosystem. This keynote explore this new research and unpick, through some real-life examples, what impact this will have on an organization's ability to deliver a great customer experience and what leaders should be thinking and doing about it.

Customer emotions, lessons from neuroscience and what that means for your customer experience This keynote focuses on sharing a series of recent insights from neuroscience about how our brains work, what our longest lasting emotions, why that is important, what that means for your customer service and what you can do to maximise the impact of these insights and transform your overall customer experience.

Proactive customer service techniques to transform your customer experience Proactive customer service has been talked about for a long time but many organisations are still struggling to make the move from being reactive to proactive. This keynote will demonstrate through a series of case studies how proactive customer service can transform the customer experience across the customer lifecycle as well as helping leaders plot a path from being reactive to proactive and showing how their employees can collaborate and work together to create truly break-through performance and improvement.

Speaking at events can involve a lot of international travel so in order to minimise my impact on the environment I carbon offset all of my international travel.

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