What post channel customer experience means for your contact center?

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This is a guest post by Katie Sekelsky, graphic designer at VHT.

There is a revolutionary shift underway regarding customer expectation, and it’s called the post channel customer experience. Although you may not be familiar with this term, understanding the transformation and how it’s unfolding will allow you to capitalize on this unique moment. But first, let’s look at what the post channel customer experience is.

What is the Post Channel Customer Experience?

Customer service used to be split across different channels and work somewhat independently of one another. The post channel customer experience breaks down these barriers and puts the customer it at the center of it all, adopting more of a holistic approach. Contact centers no longer aim at just having a broad presence, but also provide new opportunities through cross-selling, up-selling and boosting brand loyalty. This is done by keeping up with the customer’s wants and expectations through utilizing timely, relevant communications. The post channel customer experience provides customers with seamless transitions, no matter what method of contact is being used.

Adopting this Mindset for Your Contact Center

It’s obviously very important to give customers the experience that they want and expect. If this isn’t being done, you risk losing them to competitors who will give them that experience. In order to adopt this mindset, you will need to leverage technology that allows customer contact reps to handle any situation across all channels, no matter how the initial contact was made or how it changes throughout the interaction.Using AI and predictive data analysis is another piece of the right technology and will get reps in a proactive mindset rather than reacting to customers’ questions and problems when they reach out. Reps can capitalize on opportunities and efficiently communicate with customers during optimal times in their journey.

Benefits of the Post Channel Customer Experience

As mentioned earlier, the post channel customer experience opens the door to many new opportunities through up-selling and cross-selling at the right times during the customer journey. It ultimately allows you to learn more about your customers through analysis of their journeys, preferences and behavior. Over time, you will build loyalty for your brand by showing your customers that you understand them, their wants and what they are looking for. On the business side of the operation, a single platform will allow customer service reps to work seamlessly across all channels, using a holistic approach which will increase efficiency, customer satisfaction and time spent on each interaction. These are the changes that will fuel improvements in your contact center.

Contact centers need to become customer-centric in order to meet today’s customer expectations. By breaking down the barriers set up through old channels and unifying contact center efforts in a post channel environment, contact centers will be able to help direct the customer journey, giving those customers the best possible experience.


Interested in learning more about how VHT can help your contact center to adopt the post channel customer experience? Call one of our dedicated team members now.


This is a guest post by Katie Sekelsky, graphic designer at VHT.

About Katie

Katie SekelskyKatie Sekelsky is a graphic designer at VHT and  has been working in the customer experience industry for 3 years and has over 10 years of experience in design and marketing. With an eye for trends across industries and a deep understanding of the goals and concerns of customer experience teams, she works to guide companies toward stronger customer relationships through enhanced customer journeys.


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