Delivering first-class customer service – a law firm’s perspective – Interview with QuastelMidgen

Today’s interview is with Michael Haringman and David Quastel of QuastelMidgen, a law firm in London. Michael is the firm’s senior partner and David is the firm’s managing partner. They join me today to talk about doing things differently in the legal industry, their model of partner led service and what it means to deliver […]

Content marketing and relationships with customers – what can we learn from dating?

The other day a friend of mine made me aware of the video below. It’s quite funny, very much ‘tongue in cheek’ and worth a watch. In short, it compares how using good content marketing techniques can help blokes be more successful when chatting up girls. If you can’t see the video follow this link […]

Business Growth Via Strategic Alliances….Done The Right Way – Interview with Marsha Wright

Today’s interview is with Marsha Wright, serial-entrepreneur, author, investor and speaker. She agreed to join me to talk about her new book: The Secret Collaborative Economy: More Clients, More Exposure, More Profit, Faster!? This interview follows on from my recent interview: The 9 ½ Principles of Innovative Customer Service – Interview with Chip Bell – […]

Customer Relationship Management CRM systems can be more human – Interview with Nikolaus Kimla, CEO of

Today’s interview is with Nikolaus KImla, CEO and partner of, about how they are trying to reinvent Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and his belief that sales people are the entrepreneurs of the corporate landscape. This interview follows on from my recent interview: Customer Satisfaction Is On The Rise Globally – Interview with Sam Boonin, […]

The relationships you have with your existing customers are your key to success

The economy in the coming year will remain tight for pretty much everyone. Given that and given that we are heading towards a new year, I wanted to ask you to consider something: look after, cherish and build the relationships that you have in your business, particularly with your customers. In doing that we must […]

To create a better customer experience and longer relationships in the mobile market means going the extra mile

This is a guest post from Brian Carroll, CEO at Arantech that illustrates what the mobile telecoms companies could be doing to help improve customer retention and a mobile customers experience. Mobile operators have to cater for a wide range of customers’ needs; everything from high-end users requiring access large amounts of data, to casual […]

Pay attention to earn more attention

photo credit: Will Lion Today I wanted to do a bit of a reprise of an old post: Is your marketing both interesting and interested?. If you haven’t seen it then do check it out. Anyway, the reason that I wanted to do this was twofold: Seth Godin posted this the other day: Interesting & […]

Back to the Future: The Future’s Bright, The Future’s Social #likeminds

Back to the Future? Today is the one-year anniversary of this blog give or take a few days. Phew! That year flew by really quick. It’s been a huge learning curve for me……. about blogging, customer centric growth, expressing ideas, writing, social media and all things business and web related. To date I’ve posted 225 […]

Customer relationships – How to make them stronger

Customer relationships: How to make them stronger? I explored this is a recent interview I did with Sue O’Brien, CEO at Norman Broadbent, a top international search, leadership and HR consultancy firm headquartered in London, where we had an interesting discussion about developing and building relationships. They believe, and I agree, that in their industry, […]