The Age Of Agile and why agile is more than a tool or method – Interview with Steve Denning

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Today’s interview is with Steve Denning, who describes himself as a writer, author, journalist and a renaissance man. He is very modest so I have included a more detailed bio for him below. As well as being a fellow Forbes contributor, he has just published a new book called The Age of Agile: How Smart Companies Are Transforming the Way Work Gets Done and joins me to day to talk about the new book, the imperative behind it and what

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Corporate Rebels and their bucket list show how to create inspiring workplaces – Interview with Pim de Morree

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Today’s interview is with Pim de Morree, Co-founder at Corporate Rebels, who are on a mission to make work more fun. Pim joins me today to talk about Corporate Rebels, their quest to make work more fun, their Bucket List and what they have learned so far. This interview follows on from my recent interview – The more you invest in technology the more you have to invest in human beings – Interview with Arnaud de Lacoste – and is

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Using agile approaches for breakthrough product innovation


This is a guest post from Arthur D. Little. It was written by Mitch Beaumont, Ben Thuriaux, Prashanth Prasad, Chandler Hatton and Colin Davies. Breakthrough innovation – innovation aimed at delivering disruptive impact, or creating new market spaces or step-changes in product, process or business-model performance – is increasingly important for companies. However, outside of the software industry most organizations, especially those with complex engineered products and longer development lifecycles, struggle to deliver it systematically. This is principally because the

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Co-creation, innovation and when you should get your customers involved – Interview with Prof. Jan van den Ende

Today’s interview is with Professor Jan van den Ende, who is Professor of Management of Technology and Innovation at RSM (Rotterdam School of Management), Erasmus University, Rotterdam. Jan joins me today to talk about a research paper that he and some colleagues recently published and how ignoring customers’ opinions can lead to more successful products. This interview follows on from my recent interview – Behavioural insights and what is really going on in the minds of your customers – Interview

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Innovation, customer experience and co-design partnerships with your customers – Interview with Gary Miles of Amdocs

Today’s interview is with Gary Miles, who is the is the General Manager for Amdocs’ Big Data and Strategic Innovations unit. Amdocs is a leader in the customer experience software solutions and services space for the world’s largest communications, entertainment and media service providers. Gary joins me today to talk about working with their customers as partners to produce innovations that drive improvements in customer experience and operational efficiency. This interview follows on from my recent interview – Having a

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Successful innovation doesn’t have to involve a massive breakthrough in technology – Interview with Adrian Collins of bac< and Ziggurat Brands

#171312360 / Today’s interview is with Adrian Collins, the MD of Ziggurat Brands. Adrian joins me today to talk about innovation and a business and set of products (bac<) that they have developed that aims to transform back-care in the UK. This interview follows on from my recent interview: Customer engagement and lessons from the Scottish poet, Robert Burns – Interview with Jamie Anderson of SAP – and is number 116 in the series of interviews with authors and

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How to create a successful, mission driven business in a profit driven world – Interview with Seth Goldman and Barry Nalebuff of Honest Tea

Today’s interview is with Seth Goldman and Barry Nalebuff the co-founders of Honest Tea. Today they join me to talk about their new book (Mission in a Bottle: The Honest Guide to Doing Business Differently–And Succeeding) which recounts their stories, both personal and professional, of how they conceived, started and grew Honest Tea from zero to a turnover of just less than $100 million and then sold the company to Coca Cola. This interview follows on from my recent interview:

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Doing more to help creative business start ups grow and succeed – Interview with Doug Richard

Today’s interview is with Doug Richard made famous in the UK for being one of the first Dragons on the BBC series, Dragon’s Den. More recently Doug started the School for Startups in 2008 to provide accelerated instruction to entrepreneurs and it has grown into a world leader in delivering targeted programs that teach people how to start and run better businesses. One of their flagship programmes is their School for Creative Start Ups and it is on the back

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Employee engagement and innovation

This is a guest post or….. Why Running Up A $10k Credit Card Bill Isn’t So Dumb In 2002, two young Australian graduates decided to set up their own software firm. A firm that would compete with some of the big names in enterprise software, companies like Microsoft and IBM. So they made a shrewd financial decision, they borrowed $10,000 on their credit cards and set up a company called Atlassian, after the Greek God Atlas who carried the world

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