How middle managers can boost employee engagement and customer experience

It’s pretty well understood that having a high level of employee engagement fuels better levels of service, a more engaging customer experience and better business results. Gallup research supports this and shows that firms with a highly engaged workforce experience tend to have: 37% less absenteeism; Between 25% and 65% lower staff turnover, depending on […]

Could too much measurement be preventing the delivery of great customer service?

We are increasingly able to quantify and connect up our lives. We can now measure and monitor: How many steps we have taken today. Our average heart rate. How well we have slept. The temperature at home even when we are not there. We can even ask our fridge to tell us whether we have […]

When it comes to employee engagement, what’s your keystone?

Recent research by Gallup found that only 32% of all employees in the US, only 17% in UK and, on average, only 13% of employees worldwide are really engaged with what they do at work. Those figures make for very sobering reading. But, what is even more sobering is the fact that, according to Gallup’s […]

How organizations and leaders could be undermining their own employee engagement efforts

According to Deloitte’s 2015 research into Global Human Capital Trends, the top priority for business leaders around the world right now is culture and engagement. They go on to say that ‘organisations are recognising the need to focus on culture and dramatically improve employee engagement’. Additional research by the Great Place To Work Institute into […]

Improve employee engagement and customer service through the use of humour – Interview with Dave Keeling

Today’s interview is with Dave Keeling, who is 6’ 2”, ginger, a professional actor and has been a ‘stand-up’ educationalist for over 10 years. Dave has recently published a book called: The Little Book of Laughter: Using humour as a tool to engage and motivate all learners. Whilst the book is primarily aimed at people […]

Sustaining businesses successfully through Employee Engagement

“In practice, values are best defined by employees in the business itself rather than just the senior leadership team.” Businesses have long recognized the importance of cultivating proud, motivated and loyal employees. In fact, organizations that still operate with the mentality that workers should do their jobs and keep their mouths shut are likely to […]

Employee engagement is a commitment not a campaign – Interview with Stan Phelps

Today’s interview is with Stan Phelps an “experience architect”, author, professor and popular keynote speaker. Hat tip for the idea for this interview goes to James Lawther who recently hosted a guest post (5 Easy Ways to Increase Employee Engagement) from Stan on his blog. Stan recently published a new book: What’s Your Green Goldfish?: […]

Employee engagement and innovation

This is a guest post or….. Why Running Up A $10k Credit Card Bill Isn’t So Dumb In 2002, two young Australian graduates decided to set up their own software firm. A firm that would compete with some of the big names in enterprise software, companies like Microsoft and IBM. So they made a shrewd […]