Why Relying Only On Reactive Customer Service Is No Longer Good Enough

Or Transform Your Customer Experience By Making Your Customer Service Proactive – Part 1 Over the course of the last year, I’ve written a few times about the opportunity that proactive customer service offers. However, on review, the articles have only offered a partial view of the opportunity, the business case, the impact on customer […]

Proactive customer service drives customer loyalty – Interview with Stew Bloom of Aspect

#185319589 / gettyimages.com Today’s interview is with Stew Bloom, CEO of Aspect, who help enterprise contact centres deliver their customer experiences across every channel through their software platform. Stew joins me today to talk about proactive customer service and why proactive customer service drives customer loyalty. This interview follows on from my recent interview: Social […]

Quantifying the business value of a great customer experience – Interview with Peter Kriss of Medallia

#96631972 / gettyimages.com Today’s interview is with Peter Kriss, Senior Research Scientist at Medallia, whose software helps corporations track and manage the experiences of their customers. Medallia’s software, delivered as an Internet service, integrates and delivers data from everywhere that a company that touches a customer, analyses it and presents it visually so that employees […]

Proactive customer service will also make your employees happier

#119013893 / gettyimages.com I was reading an interesting article by psychologist Dr. Jeremy Dean on PsyBlog (The Simple Mindset That Makes Everyone Happier, All Around The World) recently. The article, drawing on academic research done by Fleeson et al., 2002 and Ching et al., 2014, suggests that: “Acting like an extrovert — even if you […]

Mobile marketing, customer retention and customers expecting to be known – Interview with Jess Stephens of TagPoints

Today’s interview is with Jess Stephens, Director and Co-founder of TagPoints, a mobile proximity marketing platform that uses beacon technology to help retailers gain loyal customers and generate valuable data. Jess joins me today to talk about her company, their growth, customer loyalty and what they are doing differently. This interview follows on from my […]

The Often Forgotten Part Of The Customer Service Or Customer Experience Process

As part of the process of writing my blog posts, I often scour the web to find articles and resources that serve as inspiration or ideas for my posts. Once found, I often add them to Evernote and then review them periodically for inspiration. That was the case today. I was going through my ‘clipped’ […]

A Story About The Benefits Of Proactive Customer Service

This post originally appeared on my Forbes.com column. Earlier this week I wrote Customers Want Companies To Be Proactive When It Comes To Customer Service on the back of a chat I recently had with Mariann McDonagh, the Chief Marketing Officer, of inContact. We were chatting about the results of their July 2013 customer service […]

The relationships you have with your existing customers are your key to success

The economy in the coming year will remain tight for pretty much everyone. Given that and given that we are heading towards a new year, I wanted to ask you to consider something: look after, cherish and build the relationships that you have in your business, particularly with your customers. In doing that we must […]

Apply the Granny test to get closer to your customers

Earlier today I was sitting on a train after visiting a couple of clients. Now. whilst I was fiddling with my phone…..answering emails, sending out tweets and playing a few games (ahem! It is was a long-ish journey), I overheard three guys talking in the seats in front of me. I don’t normally listen in […]