Tips on using your customer’s voice to create content that converts

This is a guest post by Brooklin Nash who writes about the latest tools and small business trends for TrustRadius. Versed in online platforms and social media, customers are getting savvier and more resourceful. They are looking for authenticity in vendors and versatility in their products. Direct mail and PPC still have a place in online marketing, but vendors will have to get to know their customers in order to stay on top of the content marketing game. Why is

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CMOs, collaboration, customer experience and the real-time data imperative – Interview with Thom Gruhler

arrows marketing strategy

Today’s interview is with Thom Gruhler, CEO & Founder of Fjuri, a marketing consultancy that is combining his CMO experience from Microsoft with world-class technology, data science, and the right analytics to help brands optimize their marketing performance and deliver more significant and consistent value from their marketing investments. Thom joins me today to talk about how advertising is no longer effective, how marketers should be using data and analytics to build better relationships with their customers, the impact of

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The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing – Interview with Tom Fishburne

marketoonist book

Today’s interview is with Tom Fishburne, the Founder & CEO of Marketoonist, a cartoon studio focused on content marketing. He’s also a very popular cartoon blogger and has just published a new book called: Your Ad Ignored Here: Cartoons from 15 Years of Marketing, Business, and Doodling in Meetings. Tom joins me today to talk cartoons, marketing, his new book what’s changed and what hasn’t in the last 15 years in marketing. This interview follows on from my recent interview

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The art of selling has to change because the art of buying has changed – Interview with John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing

#165982606 / Today’s interview is with John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing who has recently added Duct Tape Selling to the set of books that he has authored. John joins me today to talk about his new book, how sales in changing and what sales people and businesses can do to adapt to their changing environment to help serve their customers better. This interview follows on from my recent interview: Building valuable customer support communities – Interview with Rob

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Content Marketing: One of the most customer-centric forms of marketing

I’ve taken a few days off over the Christmas and New Year period so this is a guest post from Jessica Davis, a Content Strategy Specialist with Godot Media. I’ll be back in the New Year. Until then, enjoy and best wishes to you and yours for the coming year. Content Marketing: One of the most customer-centric forms of marketing Of all the forms of marketing out there, content marketing is one of the most customer centric forms of marketing.

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Content marketing and relationships with customers – what can we learn from dating?

The other day a friend of mine made me aware of the video below. It’s quite funny, very much ‘tongue in cheek’ and worth a watch. In short, it compares how using good content marketing techniques can help blokes be more successful when chatting up girls. If you can’t see the video follow this link here. Note: the video is part of a promotional campaign for The International Content Marketing Summit 2013 that is taking place on Weds 27th November

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How to Take Your Customer Service to the Next Level With Content Marketing

Research released earlier this year by Sabio and the Customer Contact Association showed that anywhere between 25% and 40% of the calls that are being handled by UK contact centers are unnecessary or avoidable. According to the research, the most common causes of these calls were: Customers chasing information about deliveries, how to apply for a particular business service, or being unsure as to what is due to happen next in the purchase cycle, and when. Customers calling to clarify

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Content Marketing: How to Write Content That People Will Actually Read

Back in the day, people spent hours over the evening paper; they read magazines cover to cover, no matter how long the article. But these days, attention spans are shorter. People like to engage in many things at once, get more done when they can, and for better or worse, it’s changed not only what people read, but how they read it. It also relates to having a business online; people want an easy to read, easy to navigate site

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Content marketing, ecosystems and pollination

Content and inbound marketing is not new but is rising in importance for businesses of all sizes. To see some evidence of this, check out the Google Trends graphic below: A lot of this, I believe, comes on the back of Google’s Panda and Penguin search algorithm updates in the last couple of years. You can read a great summary of it’s effects on the Kikolani blog here. However, I also think that it reflects how we as customers, consumers

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