Customer Focus, Profitable and Growing Business AND a Great Place to Work: The ABC Building Blocks

Given that we are just entering a new year I thought I would give a little reprise to something I wrote just over 12 months ago as I feel that it deserves repeating (The RARE Manifesto: What if….?). Are these the keys to building a business that has customer focus, that is profitable, growing and is a great place to work? What if we lived in a world where all companies took care of their existing customers as well as

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Customer relationships – How to make them stronger

Customer relationships: How to make them stronger? I explored this is a recent interview I did with Sue O’Brien, CEO at Norman Broadbent, a top international search, leadership and HR consultancy firm headquartered in London, where we had an interesting discussion about developing and building relationships. They believe, and I agree, that in their industry, the building blocks of a long-term valuable relationship starts when they focus on their customers needs and not just their business needs. Why? Well, it

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