Helping customers, standing out, being human and telling stories through blogging – Interview with Mark Schaefer

Today’s interview is with Mark Schaefer, one of the most acclaimed and accomplished marketing consultants in America as well as being a best selling author. He agreed to talk to me about his new book that he co-authored with Stanford A. Smith (@pushingsocial): Born to Blog: Building Your Blog for Personal and Business Success One Post at a Time. You might recognise Mark’s name from the blog as I interviewed him last year about his last book: Return On Influence

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Blogger outreach and building trust with your customers – Interview with Hugh Anderson

Today’s interview is with Hugh Anderson of Forth Metrics, a software company that is creating new, simple marketing analytics tools. Their first tool, Inkybee, aims to help small businesses and PR agencies to get more out of their blogger outreach by helping discovering blogs, manage the outreach process and measure the results. This interview follows on the back of last week’s interview: Being Likeable, leadership, customer and employee engagement – Interview with Dave Kerpen and is number fifty-four in the

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Influence marketing, Klout, social scoring and why they are important – Interview with Mark Schaefer

Following on from my recent interview, Service innovation is the key to avoiding extinction – Interview with Mitch Kowalski on the future of the legal industry, today I am going to change it up a little and wanted to present to you a text-based interview with Mark Schaefer, an acclaimed author and marketing consultant, on his new book: Return On Influence: The Revolutionary Power of Klout, Social Scoring, and Influence Marketing. I met Mark when he shared some ideas on

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Build relationships with your customers that matter – Interview with Chris Brogan on The Impact Equation

Following on from my recent interview, Social customer service can make your business more customer focused – Interview with Joshua March, Conversocial, today I am very, very excited (this was one of my blogging goals this year!) to share with you an interview that I conducted with Chris Brogan CEO & President of Human Business Works, a business design company using publishing and media to provide tools and insights smarts to help professionals and business owners work better. He’s been

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Word of mouth marketing and how to get bloggers talking about your business: Free Guide

Back at the end of March this year I published a post called: If you want to reach more customers then get your blogger outreach programme in shape. On the back of that post, I was contacted by Hugh Anderson of Forth Metrics via Twitter about a new tool, Inkybee, that they were developing. What the tool aims to do is help you research the blogs and bloggers you want to target as part of a blogger outreach marketing campaign.

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300 not out – Content isn’t king…..Conversation is king

photo credit: Will Lion When I realised that this was going to be my 300th blog post since I started posting in November 2009, I racked my brains trying to think of doing something that befitted the 300th post. And I couldn’t come up with anything. Then I thought…..Phew! 300. That’s quite a lot. When I tot it all up that’s probably some where in the region of 150,000 words or the size of a Harry Potter book. I still

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Half a litre of water to charge your iphone!

Half a litre of water to charge your iphone! I learnt this from the Blog Action Day website and it astonished me. Today is Blog Action Day 2010. Blog Action Day is an annual event held every October 15 that unites the world’s bloggers in posting about the same issue on the same day with the aim of sparking a global discussion and driving collective action. This year’s topic is water. It was brought to my attention by Darren Rowse

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Sweet Selection: 8 Great Blog Articles From My Travels This Week

My sweet selection: I thought I’d try something different today and go through some of the blogs that I have seen and read this week that I have liked and that I think you may find useful. There are book summaries, articles on customer service, branding, leadership and SEO from bloggers that I really like. I hope you enjoy them too. The Little BIG Things, Compressed Edition! The first article is from Tom Peters and features a download link to

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