Sweet Selection: 8 Great Blog Articles From My Travels This Week

Sweet Selection: 8 Things From My Travels This Week

My sweet selection: I thought I’d try something different today and go through some of the blogs that I have seen and read this week that I have liked and that I think you may find useful. There are book summaries, articles on customer service, branding, leadership and SEO from bloggers that I really like. I hope you enjoy them too.

The Little BIG Things, Compressed Edition!

The first article is from Tom Peters and features a download link to a summary of his new book: The Little BIG Things – another great read from the man who championed excellence way back in the 1980s. There is some inspiring stuff in here that will show numerous ways, 163 in fact, to pursue excellence. Check it out.

Guest Blogger Ryan Pellet: Customer Loyalty — Follow the Customer’s Lead

The next article comes from the people over at Think Customers: The 1 to 1 Blog and they recently invited Ryan Pellet, a vice president in Convergys‘ Customer Management line of business, to write about customer loyalty. Ryan has a really interesting perspective and concludes that the concept of loyalty is shifting such that it is becoming a journey rather than a fixed state.

Aggression: A Worthy Brand Builder

Next up is an interesting article from the Branding Strategy Insider blog which presents a case study on the Easyjet and Ryanair battle and how different companies are using different tactics to establish their brand. Definitely worth a read.

Customer Service as a Marketing Strategy By: Marsha Buehler

This post is about a subject that is close to my heart: Customer Service as a Marketing Strategy from the Beneath the Brand blog. Some great, straightforward ideas and a real common sense article. Good stuff.

Is the Customer Finally in Charge?

Great, thought provoking post from Valeria Maltoni at the Conversation Agent about our relationships with customers and who really is, or should be, in charge. What do you think?

How to Kill Your Brand in One Easy Step

Personal from Chris Garrett, co-author with Darren Rowse of the hugely successful Problogger book,  on his wrestling match with an a hosting company and the lessons he learnt from that. I love these types of stories. Personal experience speaks volumes.

Leadership Tips From Tony Hayward (or not)

Fantastic article from Matthew over at The Big Red Tomato Company on the topical BP oil spill issue, Tony Hayward and the leadership lessons we should and shouldn’t learn from that.

Are you a blogger? You need this …

And, finally, a post from Eleanor across at Give a Brick about an ebook that she really likes from Dave Doolin on simple SEO. I really like Eleanor’s style. She writes really well, with great humour and is in charge of a fantastic cause. Check it out.

I hope you enjoyed that selection. Let me know which one you liked the  best and which one was most helpful or insightful?

Thanks to mauren veras for the image.

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  • Sweet Selection: 8 Great Blog Articles From My Travels This Week @ http://bit.ly/dlWDaE Check this out. If you like it, Please RT 🙂

  • Hi Adrian,

    I LOVE that image of the candy – makes me want to go out and buy some 🙂

    I love Tom Peters and will definitely be checking out that article (and his free chapter). it’s nice to see Eleanor and Matthew’s posts here, too – i agree that they were pretty fantastic reads. I also read Chris’ article on Brand management, but haven’t seen the others. Will be checking them out so thanks for the recommendation.


  • Sweet Selection: 8 Great Blog Articles From My Travels Last Week http://bit.ly/beZMAk

  • Hi Karen,
    That picture is great! Made my mouth water when I saw it 🙂

    Good to see that I’ve been able to introduce you to some stuff that you haven’t seen.

    Hope you had a great weekend,


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