#SweetSelection 2: 7 Great Blog Articles From My Travels This Week

sweet selection for this week

My #SweetSelection: This is the second time I’ve done this and you never know it may turn into a series 😉

It also allows me to look up and find great pictures of sweets that I know from when I was a kid. That’s never a bad thing.

So, anyway, this week’s features a bit of social media how to, a free book, leadership and some other different flavours from bloggers that I really like. I hope you enjoy them too.

How to Prospect Using Combined Power of LinkedIn and Twitter

Great article from the Social Media Examiner about giving your Linked In profile a tune up and getting the most out of the new Twitter functionality. Read this and thought….Uh Oh! I’ve got some work to do 😉

How to get a free copy of my first book, The Macintosh Way

Just saw this article from Guy Kawasaki and was intrigued. Turns out that he has just got the rights back to one of his first books that he wrote when he was at Apple about 20 years ago and is not giving it away for free. Get over there and grab a copy. I haven’t read it yet but I know a little of Guy’s work and I am sure that it will be jammed packed with relevant insights, even now.

Napoleon Hill’s Major Attributes of Leadership

Ben Lumsley across at 6Aliens is a big fan of Napoleon Hill and has done a great job of pulling together the lessons from some of his writings. Ben’s a great writer and coach, has some amazing plans so you should watch his space. Check out him and the article.

Four Ways Ideas are Selected for Implementation

This article comes from the folk over at Blogging Innovation and if you’ve ever worked in innovation area of the corporate world then these four ways will be immediately recognisable to you. Great article summarising the culture of getting innovative ideas approved for implementation in large organsiations. Some lessons here for smaller businesses too.

Attract Your Perfect Client and Enslave Them So Only YOU Can Satisfy Their… Erm… Biz Needs!

This is an article from Cori over at BigGirlBrandingand I love the way she writes. However, the topic is close to my heart……knowing your customer. Check out her style I know it’ll make you smile and maybe blush a little to 😉

Foundation elements for modern businesses

More wisdom from Mr Godin. As usual some 15 elements to measure your business against. You might not agree with all of them but the exercise of measuring yourself against them will be a good strategy workout. Enjoy.

Say “Yes!” To Starting Your Own Business

Great article from Stefan from SME-blog and Winweb about some of the main reasons why people don’t get to ‘Yes’ and some great suggestions about what you can do about it. If you’re thinking about starting your own business or know someone who is then they’ll benefit from reading this from a man who has been there and done it.

So, I hope you find these as useful as I did.

Let me know what was your favourite flavour 🙂

Thanks to comedy_nose for the image.

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