Another Book And A Manifesto

Back in 2010, I self-published Rare Business: How Building Better Relationships with Your People and Your Customers Can Deliver Sustainable Growth.

This book puts forward a simple strategy, marketing and growth framework for established businesses, which if implemented provides comparable, or better, growth results by changing focus from attracting new customers to nurturing and developing your existing customer base.

The book is complemented by interviews and insights on customer retention and growth from 16 CEOs and MDs of leading and successful mid-sized companies in the UK.

The book is also graced with some fantastic and original cartoons by Rei Sekine.

Below, you can freely browse, read or download a copy of the book:


Shortly after the publication of Rare Business, I published The RARE Manifesto on with the accompanying blurb:

“What if we lived in a world where all companies took care of their existing customers with as much effort as they pursued new customers, where companies were trusted and liked, where doing business with a company was a good experience, where companies and their employees cared about their customers and each other? What kind of world would that be? I believe that it is a world that is worth striving for.”

Below, you can freely browse, read or download a copy of the manifesto:


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