What can we learn from the guy spinning the plates at the circus…?

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Adrian is currently away on a holiday adventure so we thought you’d enjoy a dip into the archives to re-visit some posts that you may not have seen. Enjoy.

Originally posted on December 4th, 2009

Childhood memories can be wonderful things and opportunities to learn and re-learn important lessons.

….Remember going to the circus when you were a child and seeing the guy doing the turn with the spinning plates? Remember how, if he went too fast and added too many plates too quickly he soon lost control of his plates and he ended up with a pile of broken crockery at his feet?

The lesson here for me was always: do one thing til you either get good at it or you can do it well enough to keep its momentum going with only a little attention before moving onto the next thing. It’s about focus and prioritising. Sure, the new idea is exciting and interesting but its your ability to stick, focus and generate momentum before taking something else on that will generate results.

What else can we learn from our childhood memories?

Thanks to Goop on the lens for the image.

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