Five ways to creatively enhance the customer experience


This is a guest post from Jonathan Furman, the founder of Furman Transformation, a management consulting firm.

So, you met your sales target this year? Great! But, what’s the guarantee that you’re going to achieve it next year as well? Well, there are no guarantees as such. But, there are tried and tested methods that deliver results most of the time. One of those methods involves creating positive customer experiences.

Now, a positive customer experience may not bring in new customers because they have never experienced it before. But, a good customer experience will make sure your existing customers stay with you. That’s a good thing because it’s cheaper to retain old customers than bring in new ones.

So, if you’re wondering how you can create positive customer experiences, here are 5 ideas that you can definitely implement. They’re sure to bring in intended results.


Customers love the fact that there are businesses out there that really think about them. So, find out what your customers like and find useful. Use that data to add a personal touch to everything that you do. For instance, let’s look at product packaging.

There are plenty of ways that you can use packaging to let your customers know that they’re special.  For instance, a pizza chain called “Toppers” adds illustrations onto its pizza boxes with a message to top it all off. Naturally, customers love this and appreciate the brand for it. The end result is a bunch of loyal customers who will always remember Toppers first every time they want to have pizza.

You can try the same with every area of your business; from receipts to even emails. This is a great way to tell your customers that they are being thought of and taken seriously.

Predict and fix

We live in a time where we can quite easily collect data and make sense out of it. The result is that we gain access to insights that were less evident too long ago. So, leverage your analytical tools and find out what customers want.

One thing you can do with business analytics is that you can look for signs of trouble. For instance, you can find out a particular phase in the overall process that’s causing customers to move away. Maybe your delivery isn’t great.

Now, data can help you figure this out in advance. All you have to do is be proactive and have a solution in place before the problem snowballs.

Stay ahead of the customer at all times. With today’s business technology, it is more or less a given.


Every business has a set of customers that swear by the brand. But, what are you doing for such customers? These are power customers. They are advocates for your brand. After all, there is no better marketing tool than a customer who loves to talk about you.

If you want to make sure these customers keep talking about you, reward them with offers, discounts, and giveaways. Not only does it help you get the word out there, it also helps you give your power customers a reason to remain loyal.

Provide an advocacy platform

Make it easier for your power customers to talk about you. Maybe they have suggestion and ideas that they want to share. This, in turn, can help you come up with strategies that can improve the existing customer experience.

You can learn as you go and keep putting out fantastic experiences for your customers.

Thank your customer

Sometimes, the simplest things can have the most profound impact. Just thanking your customers can do a lot to make sure they keep coming back

Sold a product? Well, take the time off to send out an email thanking the customer in question. This could potentially be the best thing for your business!



This is a guest post from Jonathan Furman, the founder of Furman Transformation, a management consulting firm.


About Jonathan

Jonathan got his start through an Advertising agency. He began in the production department and eventually worked his way up to managing a small team. He then decided to make a transfer over to sales, and over the course of a year built a book of business valued at north of $2.5MM a /year in revenue. Jonathan was given the opportunity to manage a team on this end as well (combination of junior account executives and sales reps) in bringing in new business, monetizing existing business, and growing revenue streams to their full potential. Later, he left the agency to form his own company as a financial intermediary, helping small businesses attain necessary funding during hard times. More recently, Jonathan has founded his own management consulting firm A.K.A. Furman Transformation, igniting his full passion in transforming all aspects of a company’s Sales, Marketing, and Operational Growth strategies, into the most powerful and polished version of themselves. Check out


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