Customers and getting attention on Twitter for your business?

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I must say that I really like the infographics that have exploded onto the web in recent years. They are a great way of displaying data in a way that is easily digestible.

Recently, I saw the infographic below (click on the image to expand) on Mashable. The infographic was produced by Lab42 and asked 500 Twitter users how they use it, who they follow and why.

Take a look at the infographic and below I’ll tell you what jumped out at me from it.

You’re back? Great!

Now, the thing that that jumped out out me was this bit:

Why? Well, I believe, it talks to the motivations of customers and how they want to connect /engage with businesses. It, also, believe that it fits with the interesting and interested dynamic in marketing (Something that I have talked about before (here and here)) and how we earn attention.

What does the data tell us:

  1. Customers like to save money;
  2. Customers like the chance the win/get stuff for free;
  3. Customers like businesses that are interesting (I believe that means being interesting beyond your products and/or services) in ways that help or entertain our customers. Ultimately, this means understanding your whole customer and requires businesses/brands to be more human; and
  4. Customers like to interact with businesses when they want to have their problems solved.

These are basic but, potentially, powerful insights. They could provide a roadmap for success on Twitter (or any other channel) to engaging your customers and growing your business.

They could also act as a audit checklist as to your current activity. How many of these activities are you employing?

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  • Customers and getting attention on Twitter for your business? via @adrianswinscoe

  • Customers and getting attention on Twitter for your business? via @adrianswinscoe

  • Hi Adrian
    Thanks for sharing this and spelling out the consequences.

    The one thing that jumps at me is this: just because I walk into the room via the door does not mean that this is what I want to do. Maybe I’d like to come through the window and yet the structure of the system does not allow me to do that. Put differently, it could be that customers are up for other stuff and it is stuff that the companies are not providing through Twitter today e.g. doing something for a social cause.



    • Hi Maz,
      Thanks for that. That’s a great point. How do you think it is best for companies to tap into those customers thoughts/feelings or who have you seen doing stuff that you like?


  • Hi Adrian,

    At the risk of being contentious that isn’t what jumped out at me at all.

    The thing that got me was that 33% of people joined twitter because of a friends recomendation and 69% of people follow others because of friends suggestions.

    So Twitter users are exactly the same as anybody else, they ask their friends for recomendations.

    Word of mouth (or tweet) is where the power is. How should companies improve that?


    • Hi James,
      No risk of being contentious here 😉 as I think that your point is a good one. People are broadly the same regardless of the channel or technology.

      I think the clue to your question lies in the four ways outlined in the post ie. people will tell their friends and colleagues about how to save money, win stuff, be able to solve problems faster or to share cool and interesting stuff……..the heart and soul of word of mouth. So, to improve it is a long road and one that does not come with immediate returns hence why many companies will fall by the wayside when they don’t see immediate returns. But, concentrating on those four things, making people aware of them and sticking to them is the way forward I would suggest.

      What do you think?


  • Customers and getting attention on #twitter for #business: @adrianswinscoe. #social #socbiz #marketing #management

  • There is no type of media that marketing wouldn’t reach. Companies would definitely grab every opportunity there is to attract their customers, the trending wants and needs are attacked by trending media like Twitter to have greater shares in the market or at least have growth for the company. Great realization, thanks for sharing!

  • Customers and getting attention on Twitter for your business? | Adrian Swinscoe –

  • Customers and getting attention on Twitter for your business? | Adrian Swinscoe –

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