Customer experience investments, ROI and business results


In a 2013 HBR interview, Jeff Bezos said

“When things get complicated, we simplify by saying what’s best for the customer? And then we take it as an article of faith if we do that that it’ll work out in the long term.”

However, most organisations are not like Amazon. Most organisations don’t do things as ‘articles of faith’. In fact, before they do anything new most organisations work hard to establish what will be the expected business impact of their efforts.

That’s fair enough, you might say.

But, why is it that many customer experience investments still struggle to get the support that they need. What is standing in their way, what skills and tools are they missing and what is holding them back?

I had this very conversation with Susan Ganeshan, CMO of Clarabridge, a couple of months ago, and she was kind enough to invite me to look into it further.

The result is a Clarabridge Whitepaper: Customer Experience Investments, ROI, and Business Results (click on the image below to grab a copy), which aims to help customer experience leaders and professionals:

  • Estimate the potential benefits of CX activities;
  • Tie CX investments to increased sales, decreased churn, or lowered costs; and
  • Start gathering data to create a CX ROI Model

Customer Experience Investments, ROI, and Business Results


Thanks to Nick Youngson for the image.

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