The finish is just as important as the start of any experience – Interview with Pauline Wilson of Virgin Holidays


Today’s interview is with Pauline Wilson, who is VP of Operations at Virgin Holidays. Pauline joins me today to talk about going undercover, better understanding their customers, their customer journey mapping initiative and the improvements that have sprung from that. This interview follows on from my recent interview – Relevance, personalization and what many firms are missing when it comes to GDPR – Interview with Rob Walker of Pega – and is number 271 in the series of interviews with

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Learn from brands using behavioral science when designing your B2B UX


This is a guest post from Matt Brown, senior director of digital marketing at Walker Sands Digital, a digital marketing services agency that is part of the award-winning B2B tech PR agency, Walker Sands Communications. How are brands using behavioral science when designing UX? Behavioral science is at the forefront of every market-leading brand today. Be it Uber with constant goal reminders for the company’s drivers, Netflix with its endless queue, or Whole Foods’ placement of fresh produce and flowers

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Bored with tech predictions? So are we. They’re so predictable.

This is a guest post from Lev Lesokhin, Executive Vice President, Strategy and Analytics for CAST software. Top 10 Tech Predictions of Predictions #1 – Robots will replace humans Source – Robot manufacturers and robotics professors looking for funding Our Prediction – The entire human population will soon be living a luxurious life of leisure as-yet-unrevealed robots, wholly unlike the unconvincing wire-strewn devices we currently see, will so remove any reason to get out of bed each day. Automotive manufacturers

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What online marketers can learn from customer service teams

This is a guest post from Wes Towers, owner of Omnific Design in Australia and author of: The Simple Manifesto. Every day, new online marketing fads are released that ‘promise’ results fast. The fact is, marketing is often a long-term process of testing, measuring and tweaking to find what works for your business in your industry. AI (Artificial Intelligence) is an exciting new space, driving an increasing number of marketing decisions. EyeQuant has invented an algorithm that claims to tell

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The 2015 Bracken Bower Prize

Note: I haven’t been posting as frequently as normal over the last 3 months as I have been busy writing a book (for the former owner of The Financial Times). Can’t say more right now but it is related to the central themes that I explore on his blog and will reveal more on that later. So, when a PR agency contacted me to see if I could help promote the 2015 Bracken Bower Prize, a writing prize for young

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Having a goal of reducing customer service calls to zero – Interview with Ian Siegel of ZipRecruiter

Today’s interview is with Ian Siegel who is co-founder and CEO at, a job platform for small and medium sized businesses which provides them with the fastest and easiest way to get a job listing in front of millions of candidates as well as some additional on-boarding features. Ian joins me today to talk about the growth of the company, being the company’s first customer service representative and how they continue to delight customers today through their approach. This

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Is customer service going to get worse before it gets better?

View image | A company’s ability to deliver excellent customer service is increasingly becoming a source of competitive advantage. However, two recently released UK studies offer different perspectives and challenges on how companies are performing and what their customers think. The Customers Perspective In February, The Telegraph published an article on a report by the UK’s Ombudsman’s Services, provides dispute resolution for the communications, energy, property and licensing industries. The report, called the Consumer Action Monitor, found that over

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How to implement an effective proactive customer service strategy

View image |   Or Transform Your Customer Experience By Making Your Customer Service Proactive – Part 3 This is the last article in a series of three that that explores proactive customer service in greater depth than I have done previously. The first post (Why Relying Only On Reactive Customer Service Is No Longer Good Enough) established the business case for proactive customer service. Meanwhile, the second post (Where To Find Proactive Customer Service Opportunities) identified where organisations

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Most websites fail to facilitate the customer journey – Interview with Mark Lancaster of SDL

Today’s interview is with Mark Lancaster, who is CEO of SDL, who provide technology and services to optimize the global customer experience for clients all over the world, including 42 of the top 50 global brands. Mark joins me today to talk about the challenges of delivering a global customer experience and what it takes to be successful at it. This interview follows on from my recent interview: Customer engagement and the alignment of sales, marketing and customer service –

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