A conversation about customer service and customer experience – Help.com Interview

View image | gettyimages.com This interview was originally published on Help.com. Help.com recently had an opportunity to catch up with Adrian Swinscoe. Adrian is a customer service and customer experience consultant who uses his unique perspective on customer service and customer experience to help companies improve. His unique take on customer service and customer experience comes from the fact that he’s an economist by trade. He uses that perspective educate companies on the important of being efficient and easy to

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Social leadership and why the C-Suite has to go social – Interview with Ted Coiné and Mark Babbitt

#182765845 / gettyimages.com Today’s interview is with Ted Coiné and Mark Babbitt, co-authors of a new book called: A World Gone Social: How companies must adapt to survive. They join me to talk about their book, the challenges that they see many firms facing, how to address these challenges and why customer service is not only an issue for whole organisations but is also a leadership issue. This interview follows on from my recent interview: Find and fix customer problems

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Going the Extra Mile: How to Use Twitter to Boost Customer Satisfaction

#81386693 / gettyimages.com When Amazon began testing one-hour delivery times with remote-controlled drones, it was clear that customer expectations of “fast” in the 21st Century had gotten wildly out of control. Unfortunately, when companies meet these expectations it becomes a standard rather than a dream and one that other companies must follow or risk being pushed out. While drone delivery may not be in your company’s top ten goals for the year, boosting customer satisfaction via social media should. Customer

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Using customer reviews to drive service improvement, WoM and growth – Interview with Jan Jensen of Trustpilot

Today’s interview is with Jan Jensen, the CMO of Trustpilot, an open, review-driven community connecting online consumers. Through their platform Trustpilot also help companies proactively collect reviews and get real insight from their customers. Launched in 2007, their service has seen rapid adoption with already more than 7.5 million reviews of over 85,000 individual companies. The company has developed strong positions in Denmark, UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Italy and is now entering the US. Jan joins me today to talk

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How we built a community of customer advocates – Interview with Joan Babinski of Brainshark

#165567554 / gettyimages.com Today’s interview is with Joan Babinski, founder and vice president of marketing at Brainshark, which helps thousands of companies around the world improve productivity with cloud-based business presentation solutions for sales, marketing and training. Joan joins me today to talk about Brainshark and how they built a community of customer advocates that helped them grow their business. Background: Brainshark has more than 400 champions in its customer champion programme and, since starting it in 2012, has more

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The art of selling has to change because the art of buying has changed – Interview with John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing

#165982606 / gettyimages.com Today’s interview is with John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing who has recently added Duct Tape Selling to the set of books that he has authored. John joins me today to talk about his new book, how sales in changing and what sales people and businesses can do to adapt to their changing environment to help serve their customers better. This interview follows on from my recent interview: Building valuable customer support communities – Interview with Rob

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Power to the customer – Interview with Matt Gorniak of G2Crowd

Today’s interview is with Matt Gorniak, Co-founder/COO at G2 Crowd, a new source for crowdsourced and trusted business software reviews, covering everything from CRM to accounting to content management systems to supply chain and logistics and all the way back again. I wrote about G2 Crowd before in Choosing and comparing CRM software? – Pointers from the crowd and Matt joins me today to talk about how they are disrupt the business software buying process, the business software market and

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What we can learn from Seneca about proactive customer service?

Sometimes, just after I have published a blog post, I wonder about the impact my writing has on the people that read it. Then, from time to time, I receive feedback on something that I have written, where I learn more from the feedback than I did from the thinking about, or writing of, any piece that I have produced. Such a situation happened the other day regarding a previous article posted here on Forbes: A Story About The Benefits

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It’s not about the channels in your support, it’s about the support in your channels – Interview with Girish Mathrubootham of Freshdesk

Today’s interview is with Girish Mathrubootham, who is founder and CEO of Freshdesk, an online customer support Saas software solution. Girish joins me today to talk about how to turn customer service into a marketing opportunity/asset. This interview follows on from my recent interview: Most websites fail to facilitate the customer journey – Interview with Mark Lancaster of SDL – and is number ninety-two in the series of interviews with authors and business leaders that are doing great things, helping

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