Are you making it hard for your customers to give you feedback? – Interview with Gizlo

Today’s interview is with Eetu Raudas, Eemeli Ahonen and Kalle Ek of Gizlo, a software company from Finland that connects retailers and individual shop owners to customers through a platform used for mystery shopping, store audits and consumer surveys by making use of the customers own smartphones. Eetu, Eemeli and Kalle join me today to […]

Behavioural science is a gold mine for service design and customer experience – Interview with Nicolae Naumof

Today’s interview is with Nicolae Naumof, an applied behavioural science specialist, who helps businesses to increase customer satisfaction and increase profitability. Happier Customers & Higher Profitability through Behavioural Science Applied in Service Design is his motto. I came across Nicolae (Nick) following a Twitter exchange between Wim Rampen and Graham Hill regarding ‘applied behavioural economics […]

Customer service, customer experience and millennials – Interview with Micah Solomon

View image | Today’s interview is with Micah Solomon, a speaker, consultant, and bestselling author on customer service, the customer experience, and company culture. He’s also a fellow Forbes contributor and joins me today to talk about his new ebook (Your Customer Is The Star: How To Make Millennials, Boomers And Everyone Else Love […]

Compliments received are a leading indicator of service culture improvement – Interview with Ron Kaufman of UP! Your Service

Today’s interview is with Ron Kaufman, Founder and Chairman of UP! Your Service and author of New York Times bestselling Uplifting Service: The Proven Path to Delighting Your Customers, Colleagues, and Everyone Else You Meet. Ron joins me today to talk about uplifting service, building a service culture, some examples of companies that are excelling […]

Proactive customer service will pay back ten fold – Interview with Matt Lautz of Corvisa

View image | Today’s interview is with Matt Lautz, President and CIO of CorvisaCloud, a provider of call centre software and a cloud based enterprise communications platform. Matt joins me today to talk about B2B customer service and customer experience, why it needs to improve, what lessons B2B can learnt from B2C and a […]

Startupland – Zendesk’s journey from a kitchen table in Denmark to the NYSE – Interview with Mikkel Svane

Today’s interview is with Mikkel Svane, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Zendesk, a fast growing and recently listed (NYSE) cloud based customer service platform. Mikkel joins me today to talk about: Startupland: How Three Guys Risked Everything to Turn an Idea into a Global Business – his new book that tells the story of […]

Do you know if you are irritating your customers? – Interview with Melvin Brand Flu of Livework

Today’s interview is with Melvin Brand Flu, Partner and Director of Strategy and Business Design at Livework, a leading service design company. Melvin joins me today to talk about the work that Livework do and some of the research that they are doing around irritation curves. This interview follows on from my recent interview: Customer […]

Customer service by email and differences across geographies – Interview with Laurence Chami of Eptica

Today’s interview is with Laurence Chami, Managing Director of Eptica, a European provider of multichannel customer interaction software with a global reach. Laurence joins me today to talk about the work that Eptica are doing, the challenges that many companies face providing customer service via email, differences to approaches across geographies and why email as […]

Different customers have different journeys and needs – Interview with Daniel Lind of Qmatic

Today’s interview is with Daniel Lind, Head of Business Development at Qmatic, a company who through its software and hardware is helping organisations manage their online and offline customer experience. Daniel joins me today to talk about the work that Qmatic are doing to help improve the customer experience, especially as it relates to waiting […]