Improve customer experience by surveying your customers quicker – Interview with Mark Smith of ContactEngine

Today’s interview is with Dr Mark Smith who is CEO and co-founder of ContactEngine, a multi-channel, interactive contact engine, whose cloud based software helps their clients improve efficiency, lower costs and drive growth through happier customers. I met Mark at the recent 20:20 Customer Experience Summit in London and he told me about what they […]

Should ‘Net Easy’ be your new customer service metric – Interview with Nicola Millard of BT

#452369131 /  Today’s interview is with Nicola Millard, Customer Experience Futurologist at BT, where she heads up customer insight & futures with BT Technology, Service & Operations’ Global Innovation team. Some of you may remember my previous interview with Nicola last year (Customers, customer service, customer experience and crystal balls – Interview with Dr […]

What drives customer loyalty – Interview with Steve Sims of Badgeville

#107276982 / Today’s interview is with Steve Sims, Chief Design Officer & Founder of Behavior Lab at Badgeville, the number one gamification platform for enterprises. Steve joins me today to talk about Badgeville, the work they do, customer loyalty and the motivation and psychology behind loyalty programmes. This interview follows on from my recent […]

Customer loyalty is becoming a collective experience – Interview with Steve Abernethy of SquareTrade

#152871323 / Today’s interview is with Steve Abernethy, Executive Chairman andCo-founder of SquareTrade, the leading extended warranty service provider for consumer electronics and appliances. Steve joins me today to talk about SquareTrade, why they have made their company’s focus customer happiness, how they’ve made a traditionally ‘uncool’ sector cool and how customer loyalty is […]

Customer insight, big data and the bigger skills gap – Interview with Vivek Jetley of EXL

#180405687 / Today’s interview is with Vivek Jetley, Senior Vice President and co-Head of Analytics and Head of Corporate Strategy at EXL, a business process solutions company that integrates operations management services, decision analytics and technology platforms to help their clients deliver immediate results and long-term business impact. Vivek joins me today to talk […]

Using customer reviews to drive service improvement, WoM and growth – Interview with Jan Jensen of Trustpilot

Today’s interview is with Jan Jensen, the CMO of Trustpilot, an open, review-driven community connecting online consumers. Through their platform Trustpilot also help companies proactively collect reviews and get real insight from their customers. Launched in 2007, their service has seen rapid adoption with already more than 7.5 million reviews of over 85,000 individual companies. […]

How we built a community of customer advocates – Interview with Joan Babinski of Brainshark

#165567554 / Today’s interview is with Joan Babinski, founder and vice president of marketing at Brainshark, which helps thousands of companies around the world improve productivity with cloud-based business presentation solutions for sales, marketing and training. Joan joins me today to talk about Brainshark and how they built a community of customer advocates that […]

Great service, great coffee and great people creates loyalty – Interview with Nick Barlow of Small Batch Coffee

Today’s interview is with Nick Barlow, who is in charge of Creative and Media for Small Batch Coffee – a Brighton based (and local to me) ‘Boutique Coffee Roaster’ who sell coffee online (retail and wholesale) and also operate 7 coffee shops/vans around Brighton, Sussex. Nick joins me today to talk about the Small Batch […]

Neuroscience, customer service and why we should always deliver and never over-promise – Interview with Dr. Jack Lewis

Today’s interview is with Dr. Jack Lewis, Managing Director and Founder of NeuroFormed and recent author, with best selling author and motivational speaker Adrian Webster, of Sort Your Brain out. Jack joins me today to talk about the book, what neuroscience can teach us about customer service and how customers make decisions. This interview follows […]