Customer experience requires a new type of responsive leader – Interview with Sid Banerjee of Clarabridge

Today’s interview is with Sid Banerjee, CEO of Clarabridge, a leader in the Customer Experience Management (CEM) space, particularly when it comes to helping firms mine their customer data to make better business decisions. Sid joins me today to talk about why he thinks industry, what firms can do to respond to the changes around […]

The little things that destroy your customer experience

As a way of celebrating International Darwin Day on Feb 12th, published an article: Making a Charlie of themselves: The Darwin Awards for customer service. The article is pretty tongue-in-cheek but aims to showcase, in a light-hearted way, some of the biggest customer service failures of our time. Now, there is no doubt that […]

A 6 step approach to better customer and employee engagement

Some 18 months ago (Oct 2012), I had the pleasure of interviewing Get Satisfaction’s then CEO, Wendy Lea (she’s now their Executive Chairman) in True customer engagement is not based on click throughs or contests. In the interview, we talked a lot about the changing nature of business, social technologies, customer engagement, and what it […]

Power to the customer – Interview with Matt Gorniak of G2Crowd

Today’s interview is with Matt Gorniak, Co-founder/COO at G2 Crowd, a new source for crowdsourced and trusted business software reviews, covering everything from CRM to accounting to content management systems to supply chain and logistics and all the way back again. I wrote about G2 Crowd before in Choosing and comparing CRM software? – Pointers […]

Most websites fail to facilitate the customer journey – Interview with Mark Lancaster of SDL

Today’s interview is with Mark Lancaster, who is CEO of SDL, who provide technology and services to optimize the global customer experience for clients all over the world, including 42 of the top 50 global brands. Mark joins me today to talk about the challenges of delivering a global customer experience and what it takes […]

How Small Changes To A Retailer’s Customer Experience Generated Big Results

Back in September there was a story from The Grocer called: Iceland: ‘customer engagement scheme is paying off’, which showed how Iceland, a UK grocery retailer, has implemented some small changes in it’s customer experience that has allowed it to generate big results (growth, lower costs, increased loyalty a hike in customer satisfaction). What Iceland […]

Does your customer experience support customer success and low-effort? – Interview with David Lloyd of Intelliresponse

Today’s interview is with David Lloyd, who is CEO of Intelliresponse, a leading provider of virtual agent technology solutions and knowledge base management software for enterprises. David joins me today to talk about some of the cool things they are doing with virtual agent technology, customer self-service and what stops enterprises from getting more from […]

Smart proactive customer service that delivers results – Interview with Jim Dicso of SundaySky

Today’s interview is with Jim Dicso, President and Chief Revenue Officer of SundaySky, which has pioneered technology that allows firms to deliver personalised videos to their customers in real-time. This allows firms to lower costs, increase engagement and grow revenues. Jim agreed to talk to me about the cool things that SundaySky are doing with […]

Deliver great customer experience by including your customers – Interview with Mark Hurst of Creative Good

Today’s interview is with Mark Hurst, who founded Creative Good in 1997, a New York based consulting and services company focused on the customer experience. Today, he joins me to talk about his new book: Customers Included: How to Transform Products, Companies, and the World – With a Single Step, that he recently co-authored with […]