Customer Relations – learn to look as well as listen

This is a guest post from Jennifer Welford, Small Business Team – Accounts and Legal. ‘Ethnography’ is one of those obtuse marketing words, like ‘psychographic’ or ‘ideating,’ which marketing industry insiders often use to maintain an aura of deep intellect in their field so that business owners simply must hire them. Put simply ethnography is […]

The habits of leading customer centric businesses – Interview with Bob Thompson

Today’s interview is with Bob Thompson, CEO of CustomerThink Corp. and Founder/Editor-in-Chief of, the world’s largest community dedicated to customer-centric business. Bob’s also just authored a book: Hooked On Customers: The Five Habits of Legendary Customer-Centric Companies and joins me today to talk about the book, what he thinks being customer centric really means […]

The art of persuasion – How to solicit customer feedback

Customer reviews are priceless. They provide bosses with honest feedback about their business, lifting the lid on low standards and lacklustre staff members. By analysing these reviews, businesses can find and improve their biggest problem areas. They can also be leveraged as a powerful marketing tool. Some 88% of customers admit to being influenced by […]

The art of selling has to change because the art of buying has changed – Interview with John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing

#165982606 / Today’s interview is with John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing who has recently added Duct Tape Selling to the set of books that he has authored. John joins me today to talk about his new book, how sales in changing and what sales people and businesses can do to adapt to their […]

The customer service strategy with the best RoI

A recent article that I saw from Dr Jack Lewis & Adrian Webster, authors of a new book: Sort Your Brain Out, got me to thinking. It got me to thinking about an article that I wrote here on Forbes back in February called: The Little Things That Destroy Your Customer Experience. In that article, […]

Customer experience requires a new type of responsive leader – Interview with Sid Banerjee of Clarabridge

Today’s interview is with Sid Banerjee, CEO of Clarabridge, a leader in the Customer Experience Management (CEM) space, particularly when it comes to helping firms mine their customer data to make better business decisions. Sid joins me today to talk about why he thinks industry, what firms can do to respond to the changes around […]

The little things that destroy your customer experience

As a way of celebrating International Darwin Day on Feb 12th, published an article: Making a Charlie of themselves: The Darwin Awards for customer service. The article is pretty tongue-in-cheek but aims to showcase, in a light-hearted way, some of the biggest customer service failures of our time. Now, there is no doubt that […]

A 6 step approach to better customer and employee engagement

Some 18 months ago (Oct 2012), I had the pleasure of interviewing Get Satisfaction’s then CEO, Wendy Lea (she’s now their Executive Chairman) in True customer engagement is not based on click throughs or contests. In the interview, we talked a lot about the changing nature of business, social technologies, customer engagement, and what it […]

Power to the customer – Interview with Matt Gorniak of G2Crowd

Today’s interview is with Matt Gorniak, Co-founder/COO at G2 Crowd, a new source for crowdsourced and trusted business software reviews, covering everything from CRM to accounting to content management systems to supply chain and logistics and all the way back again. I wrote about G2 Crowd before in Choosing and comparing CRM software? – Pointers […]