Customer Relations – learn to look as well as listen

This is a guest post from Jennifer Welford, Small Business Team – Accounts and Legal. ‘Ethnography’ is one of those obtuse marketing words, like ‘psychographic’ or ‘ideating,’ which marketing industry insiders often use to maintain an aura of deep intellect in their field so that business owners simply must hire them. Put simply ethnography is […]

How we built a community of customer advocates – Interview with Joan Babinski of Brainshark

#165567554 / Today’s interview is with Joan Babinski, founder and vice president of marketing at Brainshark, which helps thousands of companies around the world improve productivity with cloud-based business presentation solutions for sales, marketing and training. Joan joins me today to talk about Brainshark and how they built a community of customer advocates that […]

Customer service should make promises – and then beat them

On Thursday evening around 9 p.m. I received a call from my bank (Royal Bank of Scotland). It was an automated call and, after going through some security checks, the automated voice asked me to confirm whether a series of recent transactions on my current account were mine or not. I listened to the details […]

Neuroscience, customer service and why we should always deliver and never over-promise – Interview with Dr. Jack Lewis

Today’s interview is with Dr. Jack Lewis, Managing Director and Founder of NeuroFormed and recent author, with best selling author and motivational speaker Adrian Webster, of Sort Your Brain out. Jack joins me today to talk about the book, what neuroscience can teach us about customer service and how customers make decisions. This interview follows […]

The habits of leading customer centric businesses – Interview with Bob Thompson

Today’s interview is with Bob Thompson, CEO of CustomerThink Corp. and Founder/Editor-in-Chief of, the world’s largest community dedicated to customer-centric business. Bob’s also just authored a book: Hooked On Customers: The Five Habits of Legendary Customer-Centric Companies and joins me today to talk about the book, what he thinks being customer centric really means […]

The art of persuasion – How to solicit customer feedback

Customer reviews are priceless. They provide bosses with honest feedback about their business, lifting the lid on low standards and lacklustre staff members. By analysing these reviews, businesses can find and improve their biggest problem areas. They can also be leveraged as a powerful marketing tool. Some 88% of customers admit to being influenced by […]

Mobile marketing, customer retention and customers expecting to be known – Interview with Jess Stephens of TagPoints

Today’s interview is with Jess Stephens, Director and Co-founder of TagPoints, a mobile proximity marketing platform that uses beacon technology to help retailers gain loyal customers and generate valuable data. Jess joins me today to talk about her company, their growth, customer loyalty and what they are doing differently. This interview follows on from my […]

Are you earning customer loyalty, or are you buying it?

#98198996 /   We can all agree that having loyal customers is fundamental to the long-term success of a business. However, there have been numerous studies that have been done that show that loyalty amongst customers is decreasing. One such study by research company fast.MAP in late 2013 reported that: 20% of consumers will […]

Not having contracts equalises our relationship with our customers – Interview with John Marick of Consumer Cellular

#77931835 / Today’s interview is with John Marick, the co-founder and CEO of Consumer Cellular, a fast-growing and awarding winning provider of cell (mobile) phones and services in the US. John joins me today to talk about his company, why they are growing so fast, what rules they are breaking and what they are […]