When will Direct Line join the UK’s magic circle?

Regulatory changes in the UK legal market have allowed supermarket chain The Co-operative, haulage company Eddie Stobart and insurance provider Direct Line to adopt alternative business structures (ABSs) and offer legal services in a range of areas. Could these firms challenge the magic circle in pure revenue terms one day? Possibly. If we assume that […]

Five ways to become more agile and responsive to your customers’ needs

About a month ago I wrote a piece called: Are You Sure Your Customers Will Wait Two Years For You To Change? The title and thrust of the piece was based on a conversation that I had had with Mark Lancaster, CEO of SDL, where he said: “When an executive team, in a large organisation, […]

Scaling up excellence is not a footprint problem but a mindset problem – Interview with Huggy Rao

Today’s interview is with Huggy Rao, Atholl McBean Professor of Organizational Behavior and Human Resources at Stanford Graduate School of Business and co-author of a new book, with Robert Sutton, called: Scaling Up Excellence: Getting to More Without Settling for Less. Huggy joins me today to talk about the book, the key scaling challenges that […]

Warmth, competency and customer experience – Interview with Chris Malone about The Human Brand

Today’s interview is with Chris Malone, founder of Fidelum Partners and recent author with Professor Susan T Fiske at Princeton of a new book: The Human Brand: How We Relate to People, Products, and Companies. Following an introduction by Stan Phelps, who reviewed the book here, Chris was kind enough to make some time to […]

A 6 step approach to better customer and employee engagement

Some 18 months ago (Oct 2012), I had the pleasure of interviewing Get Satisfaction’s then CEO, Wendy Lea (she’s now their Executive Chairman) in True customer engagement is not based on click throughs or contests. In the interview, we talked a lot about the changing nature of business, social technologies, customer engagement, and what it […]

Are you sure your customers will wait two years for you to change?

Back in October of last year, IBM released the latest version of it’s Global C-suite Study. This study was made up of 4,183 conversations with C-suite leaders in 70 countries and across more than 20 industries. Their analysis of the conversations uncovered three major issues that the C-suite executives feel they need to embrace if […]

What we can learn from Seneca about proactive customer service?

Sometimes, just after I have published a blog post, I wonder about the impact my writing has on the people that read it. Then, from time to time, I receive feedback on something that I have written, where I learn more from the feedback than I did from the thinking about, or writing of, any […]

Do You Need To Change Your Organisational Structure To Improve Your Customer Experience?

I’ve been thinking about whether an organisation’s structure impacts it’s ability to deliver great customer experiences recently. I’ve also been exploring this in my podcast interview series, where I interview leading authors, entrepreneurs and business leaders about what it takes to deliver great service and customer experiences. What I’m finding is that to deliver great […]

One firm that tells it’s customers ‘Be nice or pay the price’

Have you seen the image above? I picked up on the story behind the image from an article on Springwise in late December. The story has since made the rounds of various news sites, including The Independent, The Daily Mail, The Mirror, Huffington Post and Fox News amongst others. The story concerns the Petite Syrah […]