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IdeasI help established, open-minded, niche, ambitious and growth-focused firms grow their businesses by working with them across a number of areas:

  1. How they attract, engage, serve and keep their customers as well as how they build the level of advocacy their customers have for their business;
  2. How they communicate with their customers and how they motivate and lead their people to deliver the service and experience that they want; and
  3. The review and design of a great customer experience.

Whilst I work with firms across all sectors, the majority of my clients come from the following sectors: Retail, Technology, Professional Services, Ecommerce; and Creative.

How To Wow FrameworkI work in two different ways with my clients to make sure that they get the best results for their business:

  1. Consulting – My work here is primarily focused on helping my clients develop their strategy, marketing and customer experience/service.
  2. Coaching – Here my work focuses on helping teams implement strategy, embed training and/or culture change or drive professional/leadership development.

Depending on the size of projects that I get asked to work on, I work either directly with senior teams, within existing project teams or can assemble a team experts/partners to help as and when the need arises.

Here’s some examples of recent consulting and coaching projects:

  • Coached the senior team of a leading and specialised technical consultancy to help them develop their strategy and improve their customer service and client experience;
  • Consulted to a leading UK law firm to help them design and implement an improved and market beating client experience;
  • Coached the senior team of a UK-based design agency to improve how they attracted and engaged new clients nut also how they used their existing client network to help them generate repeat business; and
  • Consulted to a leading automotive retailer to help them extending their customer experience so that it matched their customer journey and then coached their senior team to implement the strategy.

My approach is straightforward and pragmatic but also one that produces results and fantastic returns on investment.

No hype. Just practical stuff that works.

If you are interested in talking more about how my consulting or coaching can help you grow your business, improve your service or experience then take a look at some of my testimonials here (Testimonials page) or some of the recommendations I have received on my LinkedIn page and contact me for a no-commitment, informal chat.

You can call me directly on my mobile +44 (0)7971 608821 or do email me at

Alternatively, you can use the contact form here.




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