4 Reasons Your Employees Just Don’t Care

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This is a guest post from Kelly Gregorio.

As the leader of your team your employees’ attitudes can make or break your day.  From effort to energy, you pour everything into your job, and employees with lackluster attitudes can be the pin pop to your motivation bubble.

What is a person in a management position to do?  The answer: a lot.  Read on to discover four reasons that may explain your employees lack of interest…and suggestions on how to change their tunes.

They Don’t Feel Your Passion
How can an employee get onto your same page if they cant even see it?  One of the major reasons your employees may not seem like they care is because you haven’t given them anything to care about.

Share your vision with your employees, and outline your overarching goals that transcend the mundane day-to-day responsibilities.  By getting insight into your plans and motivations, they have a chance of jumping on the better-attitude bandwagon.

You Don’t Check In
If you rattle off a to-do list and leave employees in the dust we guarantee their work will be devoid of any and all passion.  Make the effort to check in with employees and have a conversation about the job, their duties and current tasks at hand.

By treating a position like a living, breathing entity, an employee is offered the opportunity to bring suggestions and fresh ideas to the table.  Everyone feels motivated when they feel like they’ve been heard, so be sure to check in and keep conversations going as to how employees can make their mark and lasting improvements.

There’s No Motivation
Dead end jobs will produce dead-beat employees. No matter the position or the person, every job has the ability to provide growth and learning, you just need to sprinkle in some effort on your part.

Take the time to set goals for employees, teach them new tricks to the trade and pass on educational lessons related to your niche.  Even if your employee does not have life-long plans to stick with your company, their effort will reflect your effort.  If you invest the time to show that you care about their learning and growth, they’ll return the favor with a more motivated and caring attitude, determined to do a job well done.

They’re Not the Right Fit
Perhaps you’ve shaken your head “yes” throughout this entire article; perhaps you have invested the time, effort and energy in fixing an employee attitude and yet, still no change.  If you’ve made it this far with less-than-stellar results perhaps the culprit is a culture fit.

Sure, your employee at hand may have all of the necessary skills to do their job well, however if their personality and values do not match your company’s culture its going to be much harder (if not impossible) to get them to care.

A cohesive company culture is all too important when it comes to productivity and harmony within the workplace.  Rather than exhaust your resources by trying to change an unfit employee, perhaps the best move is to simply part ways.  That way both you have a better chance of finding a happier, lasting fit.

How do you get employees to care?


Kelly Gregorio writes about leadership trends and tips while working at Advantage Capital Funds, a merchant cash advance provider. You can read her daily business blog here http://www.advantagecapitalfunds.com/blog/.

Thanks to mahalie stackpole for the image.

4 comments On 4 Reasons Your Employees Just Don’t Care

  • Kelly,

    Great list… short, sweet, and to the point! They all resonate with me, for sure. I’ve been on both sides of these four, and neither side is pleasant.

    Annette 🙂

  • Thanks for your kind note, Annette! It’s nice to have a refresher now and then – is there anything you would add to the list? Thanks again for sharing!

  • Kelly,

    My favourite you haven’t given them anything to care about.

    How can you expect people to engage if they haven’t got anything to engage with


    • Thanks for reading and commenting James! Caring about the job/tasks at hand makes all of the difference when it comes to producing quality work–and I think that type of motivational insight is something employers can provide.

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