Customer experience and ‘WOWing’ your audience online

Wow online

Recently, I was asked by Dave Chaffey and his team at Smart Insights to lead a webinar called ’5 Ways to WOW your audience online’.

The webinar came about after I met Dave at client event. He was excited to learn about my new book and, being a author himself, he invited me to share a few ideas and insights for the benefit of their audience.

Established in 2009, Smart Insights has grown into an incredible resource that helps helping marketers and businesses get more from their integrated digital marketing by producing marketing templates, guides and tools on both free and paid membership tiers.

The site currently offers more than 100 guides, templates and courses and they have 180,000 Basic members that use their free sample planning templates and checklists.

Below is a recording of the webinar. Enjoy.

If you don’t have time to listen to the whole webinar, here’s a summary list of the points that I made in the webinar:

  • Wow is not always what you think it is;
  • Think about the customer’s experience and not just the customer experience;
  • When it comes to your marketing, don’t be a narcissist;
  • Allow your customers to help each other;
  • Be proactive; and
  • Develop trust at a distance.

However, do make some time particularly as there are some really interesting results that came out the 3 polls that we ran during the webinar.

If you have any questions on the content of the webinar then do get in touch via the Contact Page here, Twitter @adrianswinscoe or via LinkedIn here.




Photo Credit: mikecogh via Compfight cc

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